Bungalow giardini naxos sul mare

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WiFi gratuit 5,5 The man working at the reception is a very helpful and sympathic, he made us feel at home there. Sébastien Elveţia The location is ideal since it is by the sea and is close bungalow giardini naxos sul mare the center as well.

bungalow giardini naxos sul mare oxiuros uretra

Every day there was an activity going. Staff was helpful and the rooms were kept clean.

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Maria The location, and all the staff they were so friendly and helpful and the facilities. We were served with traditional Sicilian dinner and breakfast.

bungalow giardini naxos sul mare

We felt most welcomed and we recommend this Villa for everyone who wants to feel like a Sicilian!!! Adam We left early morning.

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  • Total 9,1 The house was very simple but comfortable with all the appliances we needed.
  • Hotel Villa Linda Giardini Naxos, Insula Sicilia, Italia
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They prepared packed breakfast. Close to airport.


Close to beach. Renzo Malta Sea shore with view of Etna.

Near to the runway of airport, so you can see planes flying quite near. Of course, you can hear them.

-20% Litoral ITALIA 2020

There is a restaurant in the camping. Erika 10 minutes driving from the airport, directly on the beach.

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The room was lovely and the outside area was great. Everything you need, restaurants and a beautiful beach bar!!

bungalow giardini naxos sul mare

I love how you can watch the planes fly out, this is great for children. However I will say, this is a party destination, music will be playing until am, so you won't be able to get much sleep at night, which was fine for me.

Selina flying aeroplanes maybe for someone it is not good Adelajdao.

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